What’s success?

Success quoteAs a human being, it is natural that we want certain experiences in life. In my room, I have a mobile hanging from the ceiling. I created it to remind me of my dreams and directions that I want to take. One of the pieces says, “Health, Wealth, Wisdom” – qualities that most people would like in life.

“Success” is another one that we seek. At one point of my life, my success meant having great education, career, income, and place to live. At another time, it meant having more time to travel and spend with my loved ones. When I was ill for about two years, it was to heal and feel good again. I realize that the meaning of success changes depending on where I am in life and my success looks different from anyone else’ success.

It is important that you are aware of what success means to you so that you can appropriately direct your attention, intention, and actions to make it happen. What does your success look like? Can you picture it in details? What does it feel like when it happens? The clearer you can visualize, the closer you walk toward your dream life.