Ways to overcome fear

621e8ad83359b951a190ddf73e88eebbI have a dream. In order to get there, I will need to do what I fear the most starting next year. It is totally out of my comfort zone, and I am very scared! I will share what it is with you, when I am ready. Right now, I am still gathering up my inner strengths by preparing in both planes – physical and spiritual by setting out my intentions.

How do we overcome this type of fear? What I know is to “accept that I have fear in me and do it anyway”, instead of “waiting for my fear to disappear, then I will do it” – because this won’t work. This must be reversed. “I will do it anyway and then my fear will disappear.” I learned this idea from Susan Jeffers’ book, “Feel the fear and do it anyway,” and tried. It works!

So I am gathering up my courage, because I believe that my experiences are growing pains. They will help me expand my freedom and authenticity in the world. I am telling myself everyday, “Hey! my dream is bigger than my fear!”