Find out: Is my coaching right for you?

zen-buddhismI work with you to bring awareness to your habitual thoughts and actions that are holding you back. The purpose is to release “blocks” to move you toward your desired goals.

My work also involves diving deeply to find out the root causes of psychological blocks such as fear, self-doubt, or the parts that you have ignored or suppressed. Through coaching, you will gain clarity and insights to transform these hindering aspects of your life into personal power.

I primarily use two coaching methods. Transformational coaching helps you release your underlying beliefs and habits that no longer serve you. I will work with you to learn a new way that supports your desired goals. You can experience more profound and lasting changes. Transpersonal coaching involves seeing essential elements and connections in all things in life. I will help you recognize your essential being and highest potential, beyond your current life situation or what is visible on the surface.

Photo on 2014-09-12 at 14.45 #4My coaching style is gentle, non-judgmental, and direct. I am a keen listener, intuitive and sincere. I am also cheerful and love to have fun! No matter what goals you are working toward, I will provide a safe space, an empowering relationship, and skilled support. I care for my clients’ well-being. I am 100% committed to your success.

This is how I see you. “You are healthy and whole. You are incredibly creative and resourceful. You are self-motivated and proactive. You want your best life. You are born to flourish.” Your talents and hidden wisdom are waiting to be expressed. I believe that you are fully capable of realizing what you truly desire. It is a matter of consciously tapping into your inner gifts and bringing them into your outer life.