Living in the Present

5069ce2fdaced722bb2362f8b495a9a2I saw a picture of tiny new shoes in my friend’s blog. The shoes were for his son’s first birthday and they perfectly fit his tiny feet. I thought that the gift was filled with love and symbolic for his son. This cute baby – still a tiny person, too, has his own life to walk.

What about me? Am I wearing shoes perfectly fit me? I catch myself becoming anxious for future results. Or when I don’t feel well, I push myself trying to get well fast and end up making it worse. Instead of accepting the current condition, I can see myself fighting against who I am now.

Probably living the present is similar to wearing shoes perfectly fit me now – whoever I am at the moment. I do not try to wear smaller shoes. It is like sticking to the past and my world feels tighter. I do not try to wear bigger shoes – too anxious for the future and walking is very uncomfortable.

Accepting who I am at each moment and wearing my perfectly fit shoes seem easier, effortless, and enjoyable. I will be happier while I am walking, and I can get to where I want to go faster.

My friend’s blog reminded me of something very important. When I grow, I will just buy another shoes perfectly fit me. He must be a wonderful father.