Coaching vs. psychotherapy & consulting

796b6e8b72c81bd16f6bde1f2eb578a1Coaching focuses on the present (where you are now) and the future (where you want to go or how you want to be or feel). Psychotherapy addresses psychological healing from past wounds. If your past experiences hinder you from functioning in your current life, psychotherapy is a more suitable approach for you. In that case, with a recommendation from your psychotherapist, combining psychotherapy and coaching may bring further benefit.

In coaching sessions, I may address your past to release your old beliefs and habitual behaviors, which may bring you therapeutic effects, but my focus is to help you move toward your desired goals. Coaching works well for people who are self-motivated to change and better their lives.

In consulting, experts give you answers, which come outside of you. Coaches believe that the answers are already within you (although they may be hidden in your unconscious). We work together so that you can tap into your deep knowing and learn to trust your inner guidance. I may share some suggestions or resources, as appropriate.