About Me

tDSC00284What’s unique about me

  1.      I have lived half of my life in Japan and the other half in the U.S. (West Virginia, Virginia, Massachusetts, Indiana, and Hawai’i). I have worked for British, American, and Japanese companies.
  2.      I have lived as a corporate trainer. I know about how things work and challenges in the business world.
  3.      I have been a human resources manager. I see life and families behind each person’s role at work.
  4.      I have been a teacher. I sense about every person’s deep desire to grow and express his/her highest self.
  5.      I have studied transpersonal psychology. I understand about human potentials.
  6.      I have turned many dreams into reality. I am married to my soul mate and living in the place of my dream since I was 19.Dan and Kaimoe-136
  7.      I still cannot change certain things, and I have learned to embrace them. Results are~: I still speak with my Japanese accent, but people love my coaching and training. I am still tiny, 4’11″ tall, but I am powerful.
  8.      I bring multi-cultural aspects to my coaching and training sessions to expand your perspectives.

My resume: KayomiKanedaResume

Why coach?

In my life, I have changed so much… now I can help people change.

I changed, because it was necessary for me to be where I wanted to be. When I came to the U.S. at 22, I was a young Japanese girl with no confidence. I did not understand English. I did not know anyone. I only had a strong desire to find and live my own life. I come from a country where women cannot be who they really are. Learning English was my doorway to independence. My new life in the U.S. was requiring me to CHANGE!

It was not only the language that needed to change. I TRANSFORMED – how I think, what I value, how I express myself, and how I see myself, others, and the world. I often struggled, but step-by-step I developed more self-confidence and independence. It was EMPOWERING.


My definition of self-confidence is different than acting confidently. Mine comes from connecting with who I really am. I am aware of my natural strengths and weaknesses. I am accepting and considering them as my unique human characters. I choose an environment where I can naturally thrive. This is good for me and for others in the world. It took me many years to think and feel this way. It is a process and sometimes I still struggle, but I know how to bring myself back again to feel connected and authentic.

When I am connected and authentic, I feel good and successful. Life flows, and I can accomplish my goals with ease. It positively affects my relationships with family, others, work, and everything. If these are also what you want, I can help.

Coaching works!

650bb4a844eace7cb6670534e3a138f4I have a practical side. I invest in things that work. Life can get tough sometimes. When I used to get stuck, I would spin around the same place without getting anywhere for a long time ALONE.

My friend introduced me to coaching 10 years ago. What I learned was that things did not need to be that way. I could get help from my coach to release blocks and bring new perspectives. I gained support and courage that I needed. Since then, coaching helped me with my career and life transitions, relationships, finances, health issues, and life purposes.

Even though I am a life coach now, I work with my own coaches, too. I can accomplish many things in life without coaching, yet for certain situations I am much better off working with my coach. Life is precious. I choose not to be stuck by myself, but instead to get support and move forward. Coaching helps me get to where I want to go, SOONER.