Japanese Hospitality Training

kimonoI offer informative and fun training sessions to businesses (hotels, condominiums, restaurants, tours & transportation, and department stores). I specialize in Japanese culture and business protocol training in the hospitality industry. If your team interacts with Japanese guests, owners, or customers, my training is designed to help your business and to enhance your customers’ experience.  Japanese Training Flyer

In my training, I help your staff members develop cultural awareness and overcome hesitancy coming from cultural and language differences. They feel more comfortable interacting with Japanese guests, owners, or customers and enjoy positive, lasting relationships with them.

I customize my training for your business needs. If you are interested, please feel free to contact me.

  • Basics of Japanese Culture
  • How culture influences Japanese customers
  • Japanese customers’ expectations of your service
  • Five key cultural points
  • Non-verbal communication: Positive facial expressions, gestures, postures, tone of voice
  • How to apologize to Japanese customers
  • How to greet properly and exchange business cards
  • How to help Japanese customers feel special
  • Basics of Japanese language
  • Polite Japanese vs. Casual Japanese
  • Simple Japanese phrases to connect with Japanese customers