What is Coaching?

2015-12-19 1Welcome to Life Coaching with Aloha, LLC. I am a certified  transformational life coach, focusing on communication. I coach people for their personal and professional excellence. My coaching process helps you tap into your natural strengths, creativity and wisdom. You will also  create more harmonious relationships with others.

My another passion is to teach Japanese culture and language, helping people understand cultural differences and communicate effectively.   Kayomi Kaneda Resume 8-30-20

Kayomi Kaneda, MBA, MA

Coaching is a powerful process that facilitates deep change. Primary aims of coaching include increasing choices, expanding possibilities and creating health and happiness for the individual. Coaching focuses on the present and the future, and it is fundamentally different from psychotherapy or consulting. Coaching works well for people who are self-motivated to change and better their lives.

Why coaching?

Do you have big goals to reach? Do you want more than your default life? Are you currently feeling stuck or out of balance? Is something missing? I work with you to help you gain clarity, release psychological blocks, connect with your hidden strengths, and move toward your desired goals. With coaching, you can maximize your success and joy in life. You can count on me as your committed partner who fully believes in you and your ability to create your best life.

Areas of coaching

Coaching is about YOU! You as a client determine the area(s) you want to explore such as career, health, relationships, finances, life transitions, work-life balance, self-empowerment, communication, and so forth. Often, the areas that need the most attention naturally emerge, and may differ from the areas that you bring up initially. This is okay and encouraged.

My qualifications

DSC00461I cultivate my own inner harmony and live to my fullest potential. There are various ways to become a coach. For my path, I chose a rigorous training program at Sofia University which included a Master of Arts in transpersonal psychology (studies and experiences of states of consciousness and human development) and a certification in transformational life coaching. I also bring 16 years of work experience in business coaching, training, and management at one of the world’s largest hotel chains. I am a practitioner of yoga, tai chi and meditation.